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SL ETA Visa Company was specifically developed for the nationals of SL ETA eligible countries, to have a secure method of applying for their

Sri Lanka entry ETA online


Our team each year processes thousands of visas and pride ourselves on our quick, reliable services. Our application page takes just 5 minutes to fill out and our dedicated team will start the process immediately to ensure we fulfill our service level agreement of a 24 hour ETA approved completion. Once approved, you are immediately permitted to travel to Sri Lanka.

SL ETA Visa Company works closely with all International Embassy's to ensure that SL ETA applicants have a safe way of applying for their visas online and over the phone with our dedicated consultants. Our consultants are highly trained and have years of experience in the feild which makes it easy for our customers to get their SL ETA.

SL ETA Visa Company team are highly qualified and committed to providing an effective and efficient advisory and visa application service to commercial and private applicants.

SL ETA Visa Company also maintains constant contact and has exceptionally good relations with all major UK Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates located in the UK. This enables our team to have the latest information to hand, and our website remains continuously updated. Your application is monitored at every stage of the visa process and this allows us to see the progress of our customer's visa applications in much more detail and to a very high standard which in turn helps our team to reduce overall rejections. Our customers are invited to call us to check the status of their visa application at anytime during the 24 hour process.

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